Istanbul Public-Private Partnership Center of Excellence or ‘PPPCoE’ is the proud organizer of Istanbul PPP Week. Every year in the month of November, a whole week comprised of intensive training sessions, interactive academic activities, PPP Project presentations and PPP projects site visit are organized.

Distinguished Attendees of 3rd Istanbul PPP Week, 2018

Today, we are proud to welcome you as 3rd Istanbul PPP Week (PPPCoE), which we organize after extensive efforts with very significant contribution of all our partners.

We are also honored to announce this prestigious event which served as a platform for prominent scholars, government authorities and leaders of private sector in PPP field to discuss the challenges and lessons learned in order to define standards for PPP projects entire the world.

The main aim of Istanbul PPP Week is to bring all Public- Private Partnership field stakeholders together, a feat that Istanbul PPPCoE achieved with flying colors at the 3rd Istanbul PPP Week in 2018.

This year the event was organized in cooperation with Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade, DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board) and Istanbul PPPCoE (Istanbul Public-Private Partnership Center of Excellence) along with the contribution of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, GI Hub, IFC, World Bank Group, Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), Borsa Istanbul and Universities.

Taking into account the feedback and expectations of previous PPP Week 2015 and 2016 participants, the main theme of this year’s PPP Week was defined as ‘Managing of PPP’.

In a 5-day training program, Istanbul PPPCoE hosted public officials from more than 30 countries. During the training sessions, prominent PPP academicians and experts delivered lectures about the main theme of Istanbul PPP Week, 2018. Aiming to be more innovative, this year the training session was designed to be more interactive through workshops, group discussions and simulations of real showcases.

During Istanbul PPP Summit 2018, participants will discuss topics such as ‘how we can deliver better services with PPP, loaded experience of different countries in the field of management of PPP, double sided opportunities of PPP, Balancing And Managing Risk Of PPP Projects, Double-Sided Opportunism In Infrastructure Investment, Resilient and Regenerative PPPs - Operations and Management of PPPs After Financial Closure.

With the success of 1st and 2nd Istanbul PPP Week; academicians, practitioners, intellectuals, decision and policy makers were not only provided with a platform to discuss, define and solve PPP issues, but also to develop better relationships for exceedingly innovative PPP projects.

I hope this year 3rd Istanbul PPP week brings new opportunities to invited countries, bureaucrats, lecturers and potential investor. As a Chairman of Istanbul PPPCoE, I would like to thank all of our guests, valuable lecturer, participants and Turkish governments who believes in us and PPP ecosystem of Turkey. We believe that PPP is one of the effective tool in order to achieve sustainable development of infrastructure for developing countries.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Istanbul

Kind Regards,

Dr. Eyüp Vural Aydın